Week 8: One Shot

This is another photograph for my attempt at the 52-week photography challenge. While I have been really far behind with the weekly challenges, I still try to take shots as often as I can to keep tabs on my weekly backlogs. Unfortunately I haven't been able to edit and upload as often as I want to.

This entry is for week 8's theme, which is Technical: One Shot. That week's challenge is basically an "honor system" challenge which has the photographer assume it's their last shot—last roll of film, last SD card megabyte, last percent of camera battery.

And I did end up taking this picture in a "last shot" scenario. I forgot to recharge my camera the day I was waiting for sunrise during our Bicol trip. I was squeezing out the last few minutes out of the battery, and this shot was taken after 2 test shots (and after that my camera went dead!):