Week 6: Candy

This is another photograph for my attempt at the 52-week photography challenge. With 5 out of 6 challenges completed, I think I am making some progress with my photography skills.

This week's theme is Artistic: Candy, but the title of the challenge is not as it seems. This year's Week 6 photography challenge involved creating a picture that does not have candy in the scene. Other people framed shots inspired, but did not include, any form of sweets.

To be honest, I was having trouble conceptualizing candy-related scenes or subjects, that did not directly relate to candy. My idea was to simply find something that had a candy color palette. Come the weekend, however, and still no shot for this week. Luckily enough, my SO and I had dinner at a candy-themed restaurant on the weekend, and all that was left for me was to take my shot. I wasn't able to bring my mirrorless camera, so my entry for Week 6 was an impromptu shot with my phone camera: