Obligatory "Hello World" Post

"Great, here comes another egotistic pseudo-intellectual evangelizing his self-righteous thoughts on a blog."

I suppose that's not a great way to open my blog. After all, the first few words on a first post pretty much determines who will be my first few readers, if there will be any. Then again, I've resigned that my personal blog would most likely be inappropriate for a general audience anyway.

If you're still reading at this point and you haven't closed that browser tab, then thanks. That means I've piqued your interest, and I'm hoping you'll stay reading for the future posts. At this point allow me to formally introduce this blog to you.

If you're expecting content similar to "Thought Catalog" or "Elite Daily" ("The Voice of Generation Y People Who Need To Grow Up") then by all means let me show you the way out. If you're expecting humor the way Buzzfeed and 9GAG feeds it to you, I will kick you out personally.

The thoughts I'll be typing out on this blog will be different from the majority of mainstream crap you see on your Facebook news feed. I'll most likely contradict a lot of the opinions you have on your brain, but if you're smart enough, you'd be willing to discuss through the comments section of the post you're itching to react to (as soon as I install Disqus).

Why open another blog? We have too many people posting their opinions on the Internet. It's making me sick!

Actually, it does make me sick too. I don't intend to make this blog the next viral thing on the tubes; I personally just need an outlet to de-clutter my brain of internal rants and monologues. Maybe through some really lucky chance someone would agree with one of my statements and share my blog, but I'm not exactly counting on that.

Still reading at this point? Good. Introduction's over. Add my blog to your bookmarks, subscribe to my RSS feed, get e-mail alerts (in the future when Ghost supports it). Chances are you're interested in my blog's future content. See you around.

durr hurr he so hipster he doesnt use wordpress

No seriously, even if you bruteforce by going to /wp-admin you get a 404. Apparently Ghost devs saw this coming and made it redirect to the Ghost dashboard. So much for trying to sound like a smart-ass.