Blogging is Cathartic

You might have noticed by now that my blogging schedule is erratic. I don't totally excuse myself from procrastinating with finishing blog entries. This one in particular has been in Draft state for quite a while. I don't deny that I have a lot of Steam games to finish hobbies I want to pursue (more on that on another blog post) and constantly juggle my free time around.

But I'd also like to explain that I only work on a blog post when I feel like it--when I'm in the zone. I rarely get into this emotional, passionate, and motivated zone where I suddenly have the urge to write about a particular topic. Oftentimes I juggle small bits and pieces of ideas in my head--random, tiny, incoherent thoughts that wouldn't exactly make for a stellar blog entry. Then it's as if there is an unexpected spark of inspiration, where I'm suddenly able to organize the crowd of thoughts into a (mostly) coherent file. This happens at inconsistent moments, whether I just came home from work, in the middle of a video game, or at 2AM (GMT +8).

That's why I have trouble sticking to a schedule when blogging. I believe that quality posts emerge at spontaneous moments. It's not the same as writing for a publication, where there are deadlines to meet for upcoming issues, and you are forced to find motivation in the deepest corners of your brain. Sure, other people are likely to be able to write a good article under time constraints or pressure, but in my opinion,the best pieces are written with a relaxed state of mind.

I like the freedom that a personal blog provides. Aside from not being required to follow a strict schedule to churn out content, there is another type of freedom with regards to topics to write about: A personal blog does not limit a person to write about technical articles, specialized content, or trending news. A blog allows you to write about what you really want. No editors or other higher-ups to answer to. Simply put, a blog allows you to express yourself in a unique way, through writing. And I think that in itself is special.

Being able to blog in my own time, about my own topics, without anyone to answer to, is something I think I should be grateful about. The freedom of expression is cathartic, where I am able to release thoughts normally constrained in my subconscious throughout the day, usually because there are more pressing topics to ponder on. I encourage everyone who wants to have a suitable outlet to express thoughts to start a blog. Even if no one reads the posts, at least the ideas aren't stuck within yourself.