Hi, I'm Junvic!

I'm a software developer who loves helping people solve their problems through code.

About Me

My name is Junvic Valdez, and I'm a software developer based in Manila, Philippines.

My 3 years of professional experience involved working with several Microsoft and .NET technologies. I've been a part of projects that used tech both old and new, from .NET Core, Xamarin, ASP.NET, SignalR and even Compact Framework and Windows Mobile!

I am also a passionate learner; outside of work I've involved myself in continuous learning and application through personal side projects, such as front-end development (AngularJS, Node, Bootstrap) and game development (Love2D, PhaserJS, SFML)


Sadly I can't list most of the projects I've worked on, due to NDAs and whatnot. But here's a not-so-exhaustive list of side projects which I can share:

Office Clicker
Ad Infinitum
InstilledBee's Studio

Contact Me

I am currently not looking for full-time work. I will consider consultancy and/or part-time freelancing, however. Feel free to send me a message at contact@junvic.me and discuss.

If e-mail isn't an option, feel free to connect with me on social media and other websites: